Price, Philip Covington

Philip Covington Price  was born in 1825 on Holland’s Island in Dorchester County. He died in 1869. He married Louisa C. Lewis on August 2, 1852. Their son was Phillip Jerome Price.

His headstone is currently broken and only showing the name William Price (his father).

Story from descendant Tom Price: “There is a family story that Phillip C. was dragged off by Yankee soldiers and was not home for awhile. He was listed as a draft eligible in 1862. According to my father, Pop Rome (Phillip Jerome), as he was called, told him that he remembered them coming, Louisa had grabbed him and was trying to pull him back. The half dozen soldiers proved too much for her. My great grandfather, a toddler at the time,  just cried.”

Rock Creek Cemetery – Section K

Thank you to William Wheatley and Tom Price for sharing. 

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