Chips, the dog

The following story was submitted by Tom Price.

“Chips was a Dobermann Pinscher that my father [Thomas Beverly Price, Sr.] handled in World War II. The dog was originally owned by Mark Goodson of Goodson and Toddman Radio Productions. He was wounded on Peleliu, taking a mortar fragment that would have killed my father. The placement of his remains and the marker approximates the location at the time of his wounding. Chips was then sent to my grandparents since he was no longer able to be a family pet. Dad was discharged from the Marines a few months later. Gordon Gladden got into Chip’s kennel and Dad coached him out so that Chips would not attack him. Dad saw the hair on the dog’s standing up and knew that was not a good sign. Gordon may remember that incident. Apparently, the only other person that was able to control him was Phillip Jerome Price (Pop Rome).”

Rock Creek Cemetery – Section A

Thank you to Tom Price for sharing. 

If you have more information on this dog, please contact

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