Rock Creek Cemetery


In 2016, University of Maryland-College Park graduate student Sarah Hartge mapped the Rock Creek Cemetery under the direction of Dr. Michael Paolisso of University of Maryland and Dr. Daniel Harris of Salisbury University. This project is part of the larger Deal Island Peninsula Project.

The cemetery was divided into sections for mapping. Overviews of these sections can be seen here and here. A database of people buried at Rock Creek Cemetery can be found here.

Click the link below to view the GIS map of the Rock Creek Cemetery. Be sure to click on the arrow in the top left-hand corner of the map to open an information blurb.

Rock Creek Cemetery ArcGIS Map


If you have photographs, stories, or obituaries about family buried at the cemetery, please contact the church at

Also, check out the map that Mary Winterbottom and Michael Paolisso published a number of years ago. It is a digital copy of a paper version that Eldon Willing, Jr. provided. Click here for map.


If you are interested in cemeteries, we recommend Find A Grave and the corresponding app for smart phones (Android or iPhone). A guide for adding records to the app was written by graduate student Sarah Hartge and can be found here. As a graduate student, Sarah had access to a total station to accurately map every single gravesite in the Rock Creek Cemetery. However, she looked for a way that the everyday person could map and log data about the cemeteries and memorials near and dear to their heart. Find A Grave is a wonderful, free, and easy-to-use tool. We hope you find this guide useful!